Assemble A Team Of Villains To Take Over The World And We’ll Reveal If You Won Or Not

When watching a film, how often have you found yourself seething with rage at the evil deeds of the villains? The antagonist of a film has a role that is almost as important as that of the protagonist. Without either character, it would be practically impossible to carry out the story effectively. The villainous character is set up for us to hate, but in some instances, the actor behind the villain plays the role so well that we start respecting the motivation behind their evil intentions.

Who can forget Heath Ledger’s role in The Dark Knight? Going into the role of Joker, he had huge shoes to fill. But his dedication to method acting and delivery of signature dialogues made him stand out, even more than the caped crusader in certain scenes. Another unforgettable interpretation of a heinous character comes from Anthony Hopkins, when he played Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. His acting chops shone through when portraying the psychopath, earning a Best Actor Oscar with just 16 minutes of screen time.

In this quiz, pick the villains who you think would form the most powerful team in their quest to conquer the world! Which baddies will make it on your team?