🎂 Bake A Cake And We’ll Guess The Month You Were Born

Have you ever considered taking up baking? Or perhaps you are already a pretty skilled baker. Baking has plenty of benefits. It’s healthy, therapeutic, fun and challenges your creativity. You spread so much happiness through baking, by bringing something special to parties, potlucks and events. Whether you’re a baking newbie or a seasoned chef, we’ve got some tips and tricks to ensure success every time you make a cake.

The basis of any baking attempt is to have a good recipe, one that is from a trusted source, and follow it accurately. You should always line your cake pan. Many people think they can skip this step, but it is as essential as choosing the right-sized pan. Using parchment paper or softened butter and flour will help you ease the cake out of the tin and to lessen the chances of burning.

Ready to start baking? Tell us what sort of cake you want to bake in this quiz! Hint: It need not be a birthday cake. Your final cake will help us guess the month you were born in!