Can You Beat The Average Person In This General Knowledge Quiz?

You may think that you’re a very smart person, but when it comes to general knowledge, are you a whiz kid or just average? It may be difficult to assess how knowledgable you actually are, but we have a quiz for you to do just that.

Do you know which country Buenos Aires is the capital city of? If you’re a dog lover, identifying dog breeds should be easy, but will you be able to pick out the correct breed from a group of woofers if you’re not a dog aficionado? Many of us feel nervous about flying. Do you know the actual term for the fear of flying? You also need to have a strong hold on Science and Mathematics, and see if you can work out questions like “what is 70% of 70?”

Do you think you have more general knowledge than the average person? Take your shot at this quiz to find out!