🎂 Eat Your Way Through A Birthday Party And We’ll Tell You What Age You Will Live To

Have you ever organized a birthday party? If you have, then you would know that planning the menu is a huge part of any party. After all, most of us have been to parties, and good food is one thing we look forward to at a great party.

Imagine yourself as a guest at our birthday party. What finger foods will you go after? Are you munching on the healthier items or are you indulging in the sweet and savory snacks? Whatever it is, what you choose to eat can say a lot about you!

To make your choice easier, we have split our party foods into various categories. You can pick one item from each category, or say no to it if you don’t like any of the options. Based on what you eat, we can predict the age you will live to! Have fun with snacking and find out whether your choice of food has any impact on your lifespan!