Build A Disney Mega Meal And We’ll Guess How Old You Are

It is not uncommon to see meals featured in the world of Disney. Several Disney movies and TV shows use food as a central plot point, as many viewers can relate to the love of food.

In Snow White, the story revolves around the Evil Witch’s attempts at getting Snow White to eat a poisoned apple. She even tried to convince her to bake an apple pie instead of the gooseberry pie she was making for Grumpy. In The Princess and the Frog, the lead, Tiana, had dreams of becoming a successful restauranteur in New Orleans, a city known for its unique dishes. Understandably, the movie features food like beignets, gumbo, and flapjacks.

If you’ve ever salivated at the sight of nibbles in your favorite Disney show, you get to have your fill of goodies in this quiz! Pick some foods to be part of your mega meal, and your choices will help us guess how old you actually are.