🏠 Build Your Dream Home And We’ll Tell You How Many Kids You’re Going To Have

Our home is a very important part of our lives. It is where we spend a large part of our day and build our family. If given a chance to include anything you want in your house without restriction, what would you put in?

According to a survey, some popular features that people want to have in their dream home are a bowling alley, an aquarium, a movie theater, a gym, a library, a nightclub, and even a relaxation room. The third-most wanted feature is a balcony. Who wouldn’t want a spot to enjoy the view while sipping on coffee or getting some work done? Second place goes to a walk-in closet, a dream for any fashion lover. The top most wanted feature is an ensuite bathroom for all rooms in the house. Looks like people really hate sharing a bathroom!

In this quiz, you get to pick out every part of your dream home. Your final blueprint will determine how many children you’ll be the parent of!