Build A Bowl Of Mac ‘N’ Cheese And We’ll Accurately Guess Your Age And Gender

One of the most popular comfort foods has to be a heaping bowl of mac and cheese. Originating in England, the dish is traditionally a mix of baked macaroni pasta and cheddar cheese sauce. As the dish gained widespread popularity throughout western regions, variations of the dish started to pop up as mainstream recipes.

For example, people started customizing their dishes with macaroni switched out for pasta such as penne and rotini. They also used cheese types such as parmesan and gruyere. To create variation in the taste, people added different sorts of toppings, spices and sauces. What do you think of farfalle pasta mixed with gouda cheese sauce and broccoli and black pepper mixed in?

This is your chance to make the bowl of mac and cheese you have always wanted! Pick the pasta, the cheese, and all the fix-ins to your liking. Based on your final dish, we’re sure we can guess your age!