Buy Expensive Everyday Items And We’ll Reveal What Your Finances Look Like In 10 Years

It is nice to be able to treat yourself to luxury once in a while as long as you can afford it. But there are some things that are so ridiculously priced that you should really think twice about your need for them before buying, especially when there are much lower-priced alternatives.

A tape measure is a handy item to have in every household, and costs just a couple of dollars at the hardware store. But if you have $250 to waste, Tom Sachs has a Stanley Kubrick edition of tape measure that costs exactly that. Something else that may seem overly indulgent is spending a fortune on Christmas decorations. But still, a company has managed to market a wreath strung with rubies for a whopping $5 million! Do you really need a holiday wreath like that for a once-a-year celebration?

Browse some expensive everyday items just like these in this quiz and tell us what you would buy. Your purchases will help us reveal what your financial situation is like a decade from now.