Can We Guess Which Three Foods You Love The Most?

Do you frequently find yourself enjoying certain foods that others don’t? Perhaps you love super hot buffalo wings, the very food that leaves your friends sweating and reaching for water? Despite our shared affinity for sweetness and dislike of bitterness, we all have our own unique list of favorite foods that we can’t live without.

Our palates may well be determined even before we were born. We tend to love the foods that our moms ate while they were pregnant. Gender also plays a role, as it’s been proven that women desire sweeter food while men crave savory dishes. A huge part of our taste preferences are also determined by our culture, which is why someone with a Mexican or Indian heritage may tend to enjoy spicy food a lot more.

In this quiz, allow us to guess your favorite foods. Answer these random questions (or are they) and we’ll identify three of the foods you love.