Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Choices?

Every year, we celebrate turning a year older on our birthdays. We know our ages are merely counters from the years we were born. However, it’s becoming more evident that our ages aren’t reflections of how we feel mentally and physically.

We would assume teens would have more energy than someone in their 40s. However, it is not an accurate statement, since it depends on the two individuals we’re comparing. An unfit 15-year-old could not keep up with a fit 42-year-old. A person’s maturity also has nothing to do with their chronological age. Despite being of old age, someone may not have the maturity and wisdom they are thought to have. On the other side, a young person who has gone through a lot in life could be more mature than expected.

In this quiz, we can accurately guess your age! Just choose one thing you prefer from each group and we’ll tell you.