Can We Guess Your Age Based On The Experiences You’ve Had?

Many of us may shudder at the thought of growing older. But aging has some positives, such as the wisdom gained from all the experiences you’ve had and personal growth. For that, there are some experiences you must have had to draw life lessons from.

Before you reach middle age, moving abroad, even for a short period, helps you learn a lot about yourself. By forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone, you have an increased pressure to adapt by navigating a foreign country and a new culture. You should also have worked to attain something that was previously unattainable. Assuming you’re financially stable, it is important to treat yourself once in a while, without having to worry about whether you’re saving enough for the future. By purchasing something you couldn’t afford when you were younger, like a luxury handbag or a one-of-a-kind guitar, you prove to yourself how settled in life you actually are.

Based on the sort of life experiences you’ve had, we’ll accurately guess how old you are in this quiz!