Can We Guess Your Age Based On How Many Of These Foolish Mistakes You’ve Made?

We spend a lot of time being careful not to make mistakes. But when we do, our missteps make us either cringe hard, laugh it off, or simply forget about it.

Have you ever drank so much that you can’t remember what you did the next day? Perhaps you may even have sent a regrettable text or two. Have you ever misplaced your house keys, never to see them ever again? In our love life, many of us have dated the wrong person and suffered heartbreak. But you can’t give up on love after a break-up. It’s part of the journey of finding the person who is right for you. You should also not feel too bad about making small questionable decisions, like attempting an adventurous new haircut – it’s just hair, it grows back!

Feel free to admit some of the silly mistakes you’ve made. Your confessions will reveal how old you really are.