Can We Guess Your Age Based On How Many Of These Things You Can Do?

As we age, we experience more things in life, and pick up new skills. But regardless of one’s age, there are a bunch of tasks we should know how to do without any help.

A useful skill to learn is how to swim. When in deep waters, this makes the difference between life and death. You may also happen to be the only one around when someone is struggling in the water. Another good skill to have is to be able to correctly cook an egg. Otherwise, you may put yourself at risk of contracting salmonella. If you want to be a good friend and learn to understand people better, you should be able to genuinely listen to someone. This life skill improves relationships and forms a better impression of you in the other person’s mind.

In this quiz, tell us how well you can do some basic tasks. Your proficiency in these skills will help us guess how old you actually are!