👁 Only People With Perfect Face Recognition Can Score 12/15 On This Quiz

There are celebrities who are known for their dedication to their craft – acting, singing, sports, or being Kardashians. Many celebs are so well known that you can recognize them right away if you saw them walking on the streets, even if it’s the first time you’re seeing them in person. Some have highly distinctive facial features, like their eyes or lips, that help us immediately recognize them.

We’d recognize Madonna’s gap-toothed smile anywhere we see it. Same goes for Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes, Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark and Mario Lopez’s dimples that show up even without him showing his pearly whites. You could say the same about David Bowie‘s different colored eyes and Angelina Jolie’s beautiful full lips.

In this quiz, let’s see how good you are at remembering faces. We’ll show you a series of images showing various popular celebrities’ facial features. See if you can identify who these celebs are!