Can You Guess The Marvel Movie From One Still?

You might think it would be easy to identify a Marvel movie since you’re probably familiar with the characters and their independent movies. However, you’d be surprised to know how many characters have made crossover cameo appearances.

More recently, in Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk had a prominent role in the movie, despite the movie having a different titular character. Similarly, Iron Man stars in Spiderman: Homecoming as the role model Peter Parker looks up to.

A lesser-known appearance comes from Black Widow, who was introduced in Iron Man 2 as an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent keeping an eye on Tony Stark. She also worked alongside Captain America in his second individual instalment, The Winter Soldier. It’s surprising to think that she hasn’t had a solo movie yet!

In this quiz, see if you can identify the movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on a still. We’ve designed it to throw you off a little, so dig deep and think carefully!