Can You Guess These Superheroes Based On Their Colors?

Many comic book superheroes are distinctly identified by their costume colors. The same set of colors is usually repeated in their respective logos, and it becomes a huge part of every hero’s identity.

Did you know that Daredevil once had a lot more yellow incorporated into his costume? The dark superhero’s costume is currently mostly red and black. The yellow was initially used to depict a more carefree image, imitating colorful circus tights. We have grown accustomed to seeing Captain America in the classic red, white, and blue ensemble, and we cannot imagine him donning any other colors. However, for a brief period of time Captain America wore black instead of blue to reflect a darker personality when he became disillusioned by a secret military panel.

In this quiz, we’ll present you with the color palettes of several superheroes. See if your color memory is super-powered or underpowered by picking the matching superhero.