🍸 Only A Bartender Can Name More Than 12/15 Of These Cocktails From Just The Ingredients

Modern nightlife is varied and intense, and most of it is spent at pubs, bars and discotheques. If you are a newbie to the club scene, you may be confused and unfamiliar with what to order at the bar. What’s a martini, Negroni, and a Cosmopolitan? Let us guide you on what a beginner should know about popular drinks.

One of the most iconic drinks has got to be the dry martini. Consisting of gin and vermouth, the drink is a perfect balance between light and strong. You might have heard James Bond ordering it “shaken, not stirred”. Sorry James, but you should most definitely get a stirred one. A shaken dry martini has a different balance – it’s more of a watered down shot of alcohol. As a beginner, you could also try ordering a Manhattan, a mixture of whiskey and vermouth. It’s an American classic that can do no wrong!

In this quiz, you get to guess which cocktail is made up of ingredients mentioned in the question. If you do really well, you just might have the makings of a bartender or mixologist!