Can You Pass An 8th Grade Civics Test From 1954?

Back in school, if you had to attend a civics class, you might have groaned at the thought of having to sit through a lesson covering such a dry topic. You probably wondered if there was a viable use for knowing constitutional amendments and the structure of our government.

The knowledge you possess on civics is empowering, as you now have the potential to be active citizens. Being well-informed helps you understand the world around you and get yourself involved in changing the environment for the better. If you ever thought that you can’t do anything beyond the higher power of the country, understanding how democracy works gives ordinary people a glimmer of hope. Individuals can be aware of what they can do to protect themselves and their community, as well as keep up their responsibility of being involved citizens.

We took some questions from an actual 8th grade civics test paper from 1954, and made them into a quiz. Do you think your knowledge of civics more than fifty years ago is up to par?

Note: As you take this quiz, remember that the questions are pertaining to the year 1954 and the answers should be relevant to that year.