If You Think You Can Pass This Tough English Plurals Quiz, You’re Wrong

The English language may confound even the most fluent speaker, with its many rules and exceptions. This is especially the case when it comes to using the correct plural nouns. We could default to adding an “s” or “es” behind a singular noun, but there are different rules that apply to certain nouns, and exceptions to these rules.

Multiple fungus should be known as funguses, but the preferred form is fungi. It may be even more confusing to pluralize words like “appendix”. It is, in fact, “appendices”. Have you ever questioned what you should call two of a die, is it dice or dices? Historically, dice was the plural form of die. But now, dice has evolved to being both the singular and plural forms!

Test your knowledge of the plural forms of different words in this tricky quiz. We’re betting you can’t get most of the plurals right. Take the quiz and see if you could prove us wrong!