Are You One Of The 3% Of Americans Who Can Spell These 16 Words Correctly?

With spell-check and autocorrect built-in on the computers and mobile devices we use every day, it seems that knowing the correct spelling of a word is a skill that is getting harder and harder to nurture these days. But it’s still a good skill to have!

English is a weird language. It’s hard for kids to learn it, and it’s hard for adults who have already learned it to remember how to do it right, especially with technology automatically correcting our misspelling. It would be nice to have some consistent, general rules to go by, but alas, there are few. Even the one general rule that most people remember from grade school is not a very good rule at all: I before E except after C. Well, except in “concierge,” or “conscience,” or “efficient,” or “glacier,” etc.

This quiz will test whether you can spell some common English words. And with this, you will know whether you are a spelling mastermind or whether your spelling needs some polishing!