💡 Only A Certified Genius Can Score Higher Than A 12/15 On This General Knowledge Quiz

If you’ve done any of the trivia quizzes on Quizly, you must have learned a lot of new facts and gained an interest in general knowledge. Did you know it is actually important to take such quizzes and give your mind a workout frequently?

To a certain extent, others do judge you based on how up-to-date your knowledge of facts and current affairs is. If you are well-versed in different subjects and know what’s going on in different domains, you appear like a socially aware person that can hold an intellectual conversation. Not only does knowing a wealth of information help you grow academically, you develop on a personal level as well. You tend to analyze situations better, get a hold of the facts before letting bias or anyone else impact decisions.

Try answering these general knowledge questions correctly. If you score higher than a 12 out of a possible 15, you’re a possible genius!