I’m Not Joking, This General Knowledge Quiz Is Actually Really Challenging

You may have taken a couple of our general knowledge quizzes. If you’ve managed to pass all of them, it’s time to move on to tougher challenges. But allow us to give you a heads up, this following quiz will not be as easy as you think.

We all know that koalas spend most of their time up in trees, eating leaves. But do you actually know what kind of tree that is? You may enjoy singing karaoke from time to time, but do you know the origins of the word? If you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with your S.O., you are probably one of those that feel this Hallmark holiday is too commercialized. Have you ever wondered who are the people that came up with this gift-giving event?

If you think you can answer these questions, even more challenging questions await you. Do you think you’re ready for this? Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you!