🍫 This Chocolate & Cheese Quiz Will Reveal Your Taste In Men 🧀

Chocolate and cheese are two popular treats that are well-loved for their diverse tastes and versatility. It’s pretty common to use either of these delicious ingredients to add flavor to a dish. What’s not so common is using both of them at once, due to their wildly different tastes.

A simple red velvet cupcake is elevated by the essential cream cheese frosting on top of it, accented by a slighter chocolate flavor. Another combo that doesn’t seem to work on paper, but really does, is grilled cheese and chocolate sandwiches. It can be a creative yet simple dish to make, as you have the ability to change up the flavors and textures simply by switching the types of chocolates and cheeses used. Cheddar with dark chocolate or American cheese with milk chocolate – the combinations are limitless!

It’s time to make some tough decisions! Make your picks between some chocolate and cheese dishes, and from there, we will determine your taste in men.