🥞 Choose Breakfast Or Non-Breakfast Foods And We’ll Guess How Old You Are 🍕

Do you eat breakfast everyday, or do you opt for a more sumptuous meal of brunch? Some of us can’t kick-start our day without a proper meal in the morning, while others believe that breakfast does not need to be a part of the daily food intake.

Many people choose to eat simply for breakfast or skip the meal completely just so that they can have more scrumptious meals later in the day, especially if they are late risers. There is also a group of people who eat breakfast, but not in a conventional way. Instead of having the usual eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast, they may enjoy having certain foods that are normally eaten during lunch or dinner, such as burritos, pizza and pasta!

Which group do you belong to? Tell us your preferences for these breakfast and non-breakfast foods. Your food choices will reveal your age accurately!