💍 Pick Your Favorite Makeup Looks And We’ll Reveal What Your Engagement Ring Looks Like

Many of us make a conscious decision to dress and put on makeup a certain way because it makes us feel confident, attractive, or special. It’s very easy to be lost when it comes to makeup, with new products, styles, techniques, and trends coming up every day.

Some people like to match their makeup look to the current season, going for brighter, lighter colors during spring and summer, while opting for richer, darker colors and heavier textures in the fall and winter. Others may choose to wear the same makeup look all year round as long as it accentuates their best features. Then there are others who prefer to go plain-faced all the time and let their natural beauty shine through.

It’s no wonder that our unique makeup preferences can reveal a lot about us. Tell us what you love and hate when it comes to various makeup styles and looks. Based on your preferences, we’ll tell you what your engagement ring looks like!