👚 Choose Some Outfits And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Color

Like it or not, what we wear plays a huge part in making an impression. It communicates to the world the person we are on the inside. Aside from the style and labels, the colors you choose for your everyday outfit say a lot about you.

Brighter colors make you look more inviting and friendly. Darker colors may give the vibe that you’re a bold person. Wearing an outfit with too many colors will be hard on the eyes looking at you; you may seem as though you are demanding for attention. However, always going with the same few colors in your wardrobe is not necessarily a plus; you may come across as dull, or worse, boring.

In this quiz, you can plan out some of your outfits for different occasions. What would you wear on a beach day? What would be your choice of attire to impress a date? Tell us what you would pick out and we will guess your favorite color!