Create A Disney Family And We’ll Give You A Mythical Pet To Adopt

When we watch a Disney movie, we are following the life and adventures of the protagonist. For some Disney films, the main character’s family plays a large part too.

In The Parent Trap, we saw twin sisters reunite years after getting separated through their parents’ divorce. They did everything they could to make their parents fall in love again. Their efforts show how powerful the bond between sisters really is. In Dumbo, it’s safe to say that we all shed a tear after witnessing the unconditional love of a mother. No matter what difficulties the young elephant had to go through, his mother was always by his side, even when she practically could not.

In this quiz, find out which mythical creature would make the best pet for you! All you have to do is to pick different Disney characters to become members of your fictional family. What will your Disney family portrait look like?