🎄 Decorate Your Christmas Tree And We’ll Reveal How Old You REALLY Act

When Christmas comes around, a good way to make your home feel festive is by putting up a Christmas tree. You go down to the nursery to pick out a nice tree and bring it home. And then it’s time to start decorating! But do you know where to start?

Most people start off by hanging lights or, traditionally, candles around the tree. The next thing you could do is wrap a tinsel garland around the tree to add a pop of color. After that comes the most exciting task: hanging the ornaments! The variety of Christmas decorations makes it possible for you to go with any theme you have in mind and personalize your tree to your liking. Some people opt for traditional baubles and snowflakes with a specific color scheme, while others choose a fun theme like elves and maybe even a Disney style.

Pretend you are decorating your Christmas tree. How would you design it? Pick out decorations for your tree in this quiz and we can tell you what age you actually act.