🏠 Design A Celebrity’s House And We’ll Tell You What The Hell To Do With Your Life

Celebrities, they’re just human like everyone else… except they live in houses that are ten times the size of ours. From Malibu beach houses to New York City penthouses, celebs own some of the most extravagant pads in the world. But who has the coolest home?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West own an incredible $11 million property in Bel-Air. The house boasts its own private hair and makeup salon – nothing surprising for a style icon like Kim. Jennifer Lopez obviously loves fireplaces, since her $18 million home in the Hamptons has seven of them. But the coolest home belongs to business tycoon Bill Gates. His $150 million mansion in Washington has its own Wikipedia page to explain the different features! Visitors can wear a chip which automatically adjusts the lighting, music, and temperature of the surroundings to their preferences as they move from room to room.

Time to design a cool celebrity house! Pick from options fit for a star and we’ll tell you what you should be doing with your life.