Do You Actually Know The Slang That Youths Are Using These Days?

You’re high key a savage for being woke! If you’re a teen, you definitely know what we’re talking about. However, if you’re an adult who’s out of touch with the latest youth slang, you may just be really confused by the first sentence.

We may still think that we are pretty “hip” for our age, when in fact the very usage of that old slang word instantly gives our age away. Just as older people have their set of slang terms, the youngsters today have their verbal lingo too. “Thirsty” traditionally refers to feeling a need to drink. But today it actually refers to feeling impatient or a strong desire for something. In the same way, to throw someone shade means to act in a disrespectful manner towards a person.

Do you think you’re in with the times? If you’re pretty sure that you can understand youth speak of today, then test yourself and see if you’re really part of the fam!