If You Think You Know The Real Names Of These Celebrities, You’re Wrong

Many celebrities use stage names for a variety of reasons. Their real names may be too difficult to pronounce or not memorable enough, or they may change their names to avoid confusion with other popular celebrities with similar names. Doris Day is much catchier than “Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff”, and Meg Ryan has a nicer ring to it than “Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra”.

Did you know that Prince Harry is actually a Henry Charles Albert David? Milena Markovna Kunis also shortened her name to form her stage name, Mila Kunis. Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, doesn’t use his actual first name, Christopher, instead opting for his middle name. One name that you’re definitely familiar with is Jennifer Aniston. What if we told you that her real name is actually Jennifer Linn Anastassakis?

Test your knowledge of popular celebrities’ names and learn a thing or two about their actual identities in this fun quiz!