Only 1 In 50 People Know The Meaning Of These Old-Timey Words

If you watch older movies or hang around your older friends and elderly relatives, you probably have heard some words that you may not be familiar with. Just like today’s “bae” and “lit”, people in previous eras had their own set of slang words.

For example, if you brabble about something, what are you doing? Well, in the the 1530s, it meant you were arguing about something insignificant. In the 1580s, a guy who’s full of himself was known as a “scrub”. The word eventually found popularity in modern times through a 1999 TLC song. What about the word “monsterful”? Despite sounding like an adjective for something scary, the word was actually used to describe something wonderful or extraordinary in the 1810s. One slang word that remains in use today is “puke”, which was uttered in a Shakespearean play in the 1600s.

Test your knowledge of some old-fashioned slang in this quick quiz. Some of these words are so fun-sounding, you may want to introduce them into your vocabulary!