If You Know The Meaning Of 15/18 Of These Words, You’re A Genius

We all like to think that we have a way with words, but at times we still inevitably come across words that are unfamiliar. Some of us may just brush them off and be contented with not knowing. The more curious word nerds amongst us will actually look up the correct definition and in so doing, add a new word to the mind’s treasure trove of vocabulary.

Take a page from the book of rapper Eminem. He spent hours studying the dictionary every night to improve his craft. Has the time has come for you to do the same?

Put your English knowledge to the test with this selection of some wonderful and a few downright weird words. This quiz is designed to boggle even the most ardent logophiles. For each word, choose the correct definition. Sounds simple enough but watch out, we have left plenty of red herrings in there to catch you out! If you get most of these right, you’re probably a word genius.