Do You Actually Know What These Words Mean?

Many native English speaking people think they’ve got impressive – and extensive – vocabularies. There are thousands of confusing words within the English language but do you actually know the meanings of all of them? When it comes to your knowledge of the English language, these 16 tricky words may leave you stumped.

You would have come across many of these words in news articles, novels, and more. Try your best not to google, and see if you really understand what you’ve been reading when you saw these words in your reads. You may even have used some of these words once or twice without understanding what they actually mean!

Be warned; even the most dictionary-savvy may struggle with this fiendishly difficult words quiz! So get ready to put your grey matter to the test. Are you a wordsmith in the same vein as William Shakespeare or are you more of a Mr. Bean? It’s time to find out the truth once and for all.