🍩 This Quiz Will Tell You If You Prefer Sweet Or Savory Food 🥓

All of us have a clear preference for either sweet, sugary foods or savory, salty foods. Just like your personality influences your favorite color, music or TV show, the type of food you love to pile on your plate says a lot about the type of person you are.

According to important research, sweet lovers are generally mild-mannered and passive. Owing to their higher level of agreeableness, dessert fans are compassionate, helpful and amicable. Maybe the more sweets you eat, the sweeter you become! A thirst for spicy food is common in those who appreciate interesting tastes and complexity, and these people tend to be ambitious and adventurous in life. Those with an affinity with salty foods usually crave small rewards and immediate gratification. As a result, potato chip lovers make competitive and worthy adversaries.

If you’re not exactly sure which flavor you prefer, it’s time to take this quiz! Based on the types of food you choose to eat, you’ll know for sure the likings of your palate.