👕 Dress Your Dream Guy And We’ll Guess Your Age And Height

When a guy who usually dresses poorly suddenly adopts a more stylish dress sense, it is almost always due to the fact that he has gotten into a relationship. When a girlfriend or wife helps pick out outfits for him, she becomes the architect of his transformation from pauper to prince.

Many women intuitively know what looks good on their men and can help select clothes to flatter minute details that the guy wouldn’t even have noticed or liked about himself. From casual shirts to crisp button-downs, let’s just say ladies have the upper hand in styling their significant others.

It’s time to put your fashion sense to the test! We’ll show you sets of clothing that are appropriate for different occasions. You get to pick one item from each category that you’d love to see your ideal man wear. If there isn’t something you like, just click the “none of these” option and move on. Based on what you pick, we can guess both your age and your height! Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!