Only A Certified Genius Can Score Higher Than 20/25 On This General Knowledge Quiz

These days, we call someone a genius after he accomplishes just a small feat or thinks up a clever idea. But it is also known that “genius” is a term reserved for someone that is incredibly gifted. Do you know what someone has to do exactly to be called a genius?

Generally, a person with exceptional intelligence is a genius based on Mensa’s definition of one. The exclusive international society comprises of members who score at or above the 98th percentile on a standardized IQ test. However, this isn’t the only definition. It could differ based on the industry. A talented musician that is able to come up with the best hits or compositions can be called a genius. Sportspeople such as footballers who give really phenomenal, game-changing performances in their careers may also receive that title.

Certify yourself as a trivia genius by taking this quiz! Answer the following 25 questions and score higher than 20 to find out if you’re one or not.