🛍 Go Shopping At The Mall And We’ll Guess The Year You Were Born

How long has it been since you walked around a mall on a shopping (or window shopping) trip? Undeniably, the ease and convenience of online shopping has made the trip down to the mall practically redundant, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of shopping without having to lug around heavy bags?

However, the mall also provides a place for leisure, entertainment and a roof over multiple stores where you could get anything you want, from food to groceries to clothes, shoes and much more. It’s also a great place for friends to meet up and hang out over a cup of coffee. Don’t you miss those simpler times?

Imagine yourself driving down to your local shopping mall and standing at the entrance. You look around deciding where to begin your massive shopping spree. Where would you begin? Give us the roadmap of all the stores you plan to visit in this imaginary mega mall and we will do our best to guess your birth year!