🍴 Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Food Preferences?

Eating has always played a major part in every culture, influenced by climate, religion, and available sources of ingredients. In the last few decades, thanks to food imports and exports, cuisines of the world have migrated from their original homes to become known all over.

Food knows no boundaries or borders! Many dishes are easily accessible across the globe and can be replicated in our own kitchen. Some traditional foods have been modernized based on each country’s cultural influences. People in different regions have their own preferences of food, which means restaurateurs have to come up with creative renditions of the original cuisines to please the masses. For example, Chinese cuisine in America has become its own fusion cuisine, as they don’t stay true to the food served in China. Since many of us have been exposed to and influenced by different cultures, in the same way, our food preferences change as well.

Tell us some of your taste preferences by how much you love or hate the following foods and we will give you an accurate guess of your age!