👶🏻 Judge These Hipster Baby Names And We’ll Tell You How Many Kids You Are Destined To Have

Many expecting parents have a shortlist of names that they think would be perfect for their precious ones. With certain names becoming increasingly popular, some people feel the need to pick out unusual names for their kids to help them stand out in life (and unwittingly render Grandma speechless in the process). They look for hipster names that can set their children apart from the crowd rather than the more common ones like Lisa, John, and Alex.

Take a hint from celebrity parents if you’re thinking of unique names. Recently Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West welcomed their third child, Chicago, joining their 4-year-old North and 2-year-old Saint. All three kids have interesting names that others can’t pull off. Some parents also choose to name their kid something that would generally be reserved for a person of the opposite gender, like the name Wren or Billie.

It’s time for you to be the judge in this baby name quiz! Depending on what you think of these stylish names for babies, we can predict how many kids you will have (or already have)!