☕ How You Make Your Coffee Will Reveal If You’re A Morning Or Night Person

Did you know that the type of coffee you love doesn’t just depend on your flavor profile, but also your personality? Here are some of the most common coffee types and the personalities they represent.

If you love espresso coffee, you tend to be a natural born leader. But that doesn’t mean you just lead with what you already have; you work hard to better your skills too. People specifically envy how well you balance your personal and work lives. If you prefer lattes, you are probably quite laid back and easygoing. You rarely overanalyze your decisions, and you pick comfort over most things. Cappuccino lovers are usually sophisticated and classy. You always look polished and put together. You are also sociable, making you a good friend to others.

Tell us how you make your coffee in this quiz, and we’ll analyze if you’re more of a morning or night person.