🍦 Build Some Ice Cream Waffles For You And Your Partner And We’ll Reveal What % Compatible You Are

If you’re in a relationship, a fun activity is cooking for each other. Use this quiz to test your abilities. Have fun customizing two sets of ice cream waffles – one for you and one for your partner. Your final dishes have to be done right to keep the both of you happy. We will then determine how compatible you two are!

You could do a lot of things to modify your own plate of ice cream waffles. First, you have to pick what kind of waffles will form the base. Do you go for the regular plain or Belgian waffles, or do you use flavored waffles like red velvet or buttermilk? You can pick how many waffles you’d like too. Remember to choose a suitable spread of peanut butter, cream cheese, Nutella, or anything you like. Next is the flavors of ice cream you can top it off with and we all know the infinite possibilities there. Finally, you can choose toppings, like nuts or whipped cream, and syrups, like maple and chocolate.