🍲 Make A Cozy Slow-Cooker Dinner And We’ll Give You A Fluffy Dog Breed To Adopt

People today have more of a fast-paced lifestyle than the generations of any other era. This has led to the rise of buying fast food and or getting food delivered straight to the doorstep. This means that people cook less, especially when it comes to using equipment like the slow cooker. But there are benefits to using it.

Although the name suggests otherwise, the slow cooker allows for shorter meal preparation time. You chop up a bunch of ingredients, put them in the cooker, and then simply leave your dish cooking. You don’t even have to keep checking on it. The lid should remain closed to prevent any potential drop in temperature. This cooking method tends to bring out the flavor of the foods better, and helps tenderize even the lowest quality meat.

In this quiz, you get to make a meal using a slow cooker. Pick all the ingredients you want in your dish, and based on your choice of food, we’ll suggest a fluffy dog for you to adopt!