Nobody Has Scored At Least 15/20 On This Animal Trivia Quiz. Will You?

If you think you know about animals more than anyone else in your circles, this quiz is the perfect way to finally show it off. Test your knowledge of different kinds of creatures!

To pass this quiz, you should have some knowledge on the collective nouns for different groups of animals. You should also be aware of the sounds that animals make too, especially ones that screech. There is no way you have heard of every animal on this planet, but we will quiz you on some uncommon animals and which animals they are most similar to.

If you feel like you can answer such questions, then you may be able to do well in this quiz. There have been people who have passed this quiz, but no one has scored higher than a 14 out of 20. Can you be the one to score at least 15 and break the record? Try out the quiz and find out!