Nobody Has Scored At Least 17/20 On This General Knowledge Quiz. Will You?

It’s definitely becoming increasingly difficult to pass one of our general knowledge quizzes. But if you’ve managed to overcome them all and think that they aren’t challenging enough, here’s a quiz perfect for you!

We’ll ask you a bunch of questions on various topics you probably have studied. Hopefully, you remember learning about energy and playing with chemicals in Science class at school. You should also be aware of popular novels and authors in English Literature. This includes Shakespeare’s work and popular mystery writers. There are questions about topics you’ve not studied but have surely heard of, including pop culture and entertainment. If you have a little knowledge about sports, that would be very helpful. We’ll question you on sporting terms and gameplay. There’s a lot more in store for you!

If you’re feeling confident now, go ahead and take this quiz. Fair warning, nobody has ever scored 17 and above on this difficult test! So, good luck.