Can We Guess The Decade You Were Born Based On Your Nostalgic Food Opinions?

People tend to feel nostalgic when reminded of things that immediately transport them back to a more innocent and happier time. We reminisce about what life was like for our younger selves. In particular, the foods, drinks, and snacks that we loved as a kid or teenager may not be readily available on the market today.

You may have enjoyed a Snickers bar and (rarely) struggled to finish one. However, that wouldn’t be a problem today, as a few years ago the candy company shrank the size of the bar, leaving us wanting more. Twinkies have become synonymous with snack cakes. After a brief disappearance from the market, the iconic cakes came back in 2013 with a different size, taste, and even shelf life.

Tell us whether you like the taste of the following foods that were huge in the past. Your opinions on these items will help us guess which decade you were born in!