🐈 Only A Cat Person Can Score 12/15 On This Quiz

Here’s a quiz you can only ace if you’re a cat person! But do you know if you are one? If you’re nodding your head along to the following pointers, you might be a huge cat person.

One of the biggest signs you’re a huge cat person is that your phone’s camera roll is filled with kitty pictures, perhaps even more than photos of your kids. If your cat crawls up to you and lies on your lap while you’re sitting on your couch, and you need to move away to grab a snack, do you get up? Well a cat person wouldn’t; he or she would simply attempt to do whatever they can from the position they’re in. When you receive a package delivery, a true cat person would be more excited to get the box than what’s in it, because she can’t wait for her cats to make the empty box their playground.

Test your knowledge of cats in this fun trivia quiz. If you score 12 and above, you’re definitely a cat person!