Order Your Dream Bagel And We’ll Reveal What Age You Will Live To

Bagels have been a staple breakfast food for many years and rightfully so. Nothing beats grabbing a hot, crisp bagel in the morning, along with your favorite ingredients, and heading out the door to enjoy it. The convenience comes with a downside – the bagel has a reputation for being unhealthy. Don’t fret though, there are things you can do to make it fit into your healthier lifestyle.

Go with a smaller-sized bagel, for one. Enquire at your local bakery if they do a mini bagel and try ordering that next time. If they only serve regular-sized ones, go for a whole grain bagel instead. Obviously, the best way to slim your bagels down is to choose toppings that are healthier. Try using non-fat cream cheese instead!

In this quiz, you get to satisfy your longing for the these warm, chewy, gluten-laden golden halos. Choose any kind of spreads and toppings you want, or just pick a pre-made bagel sandwich – the choice is yours! Your decisions will determine what age you will live to.