🍔 Pick Some Fast Food Items And We’ll Guess Your Birth Month

Everyone has enjoyed a scrumptious meal from a fast food place at least once in his lifetime, with many people having it a lot more often due to the convenience and affordable cost. This may surprise you, but your choice of fast food restaurant may be linked to when you were born.

People born between April and May tend to find themselves at KFC for the namesake fried chicken or a Zinger. Those who are born between August and September happen to love the sandwiches from Subway. Virgos are always looking for a health kick and seem to look upon a sub as their cheat meal. A Sagittarian favors food from Wendy’s. He finds himself craving a Frosty at all times of the day.

In this quiz, you get to pick some fast food items that you really enjoy. Your choices will help us determine which month you were born in!