๐ŸŒš Plan A Midnight Feast And We’ll Guess Your Biggest Fear

Most of us try to stick to eating three meals a day, stopping after dinner. But every once in a while (or in some cases every day), we feel the urge to snack on something even late at night. There’s nothing to feel guilty about because it’s very common. But have you ever wondered why we get the midnight munchies?

Obviously, some people just feel so hungry that they can’t wait for breakfast. You could’ve skipped a meal or had less to eat during the day. It may also mean tiredness. When you feel sleepy, your body releases hormones that make you feel hungry and it stops releasing hormones that help you feel satisfied. It probably has been a long, hard day and eating some junk food may serve as your reward. Just try not to overeat!

In this quiz, you get to plan a whole feast for your late-night snacking session. Your food picks will help us guess what you’re most afraid of!